We offer necessary assistance for the legalization of your company. Responsible for the opening, alterations, cancellation, regularization, cadastral updating and document analysis, advice, consultancy and negative certificates.

Opening a Company: Of any size, requiring research at the Commercial Registry, registering social contracts, minutes and statutes, with completion of all forms required by law, adoption of all books pertaining to the company's activity, covering the entire Federal part (CNPJ), State (I.Estadual - DECA), Municipal (License Permit Operating License), Unions and registration in Class Councils;

Regularization of Companies: Amendments to social contracts, also acting in the monitoring of all processes administrative with all public departments;

Closing of Companies: Acting actively in the entire process of total closure of the company with the City Hall, State, Federal Revenue and Commercial Registry, or Registry of Legal Entities;

Certificates in General: Acting with the offices, to obtain all types of certificates for competition public and other registrations, bankruptcies and bankruptcies, civil and criminal;

Monitoring of processes with all public departments, such as tax installment process, Administrative processes, resources, benefit requests, refunds and others;

Registration of companies with public bodies and companies, such as registration of Petrobras suppliers;

Registration and regularization with the Regional Councils, Health Surveillance and ANVISA.

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