We also provide the Financial Department service. We control accounts payable, Accounts Receivable, we charge, make payments with the signature and endorsement of the client. We prepare reports management of Future Cash Flow and Monthly Income Statement, among others. Check out our services:

* Daily bank reconciliation;
* Launch of invoices or accounts payable documents;
* Control of tax withholdings as required by law;
* Issuance of checks, or other form of payment as agreed, for payment of bills;
* Collection of signatures on checks and payment at the bank;
* Launch of accounts receivable, according to company billing and control of accounts receivable;
* Collection of accounts not received;
* Control of accounts payable by maturity and suppliers;
* Control of accounts receivable by maturity and by customers;
* Cash Flow Report involving accounts payable and receivable;
* Monthly Income Statement Report;
* Preparation and submission of financial documents for accounting;
* Other reports as needed by management.

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