DNA with our team

The Adição Contábil team has many similarities to our Mega Image team: never stop - relentless struggle for updating and innovation, through constant search for digital tools and management courses and efficiency improvement. It has already contracted with several renowned accounting offices over the years, none with DNA so similar to ours!

Dr. Luiz

CEO - Empresa Mega Imagem

Serious, dedicated and professional work.

Adição Contábil is a company that serves us in all accounting and legal sectors with excellence. Commitment and prompt response are key words to describe the Adição Contábil. The close relationship and dedication of employees brings us security for our business. I can only thank the whole family ADIÇÃO CONTÁBIL.

Thiago Veneziani

CEO - Terra Master Terminais


If I had to sum it up in just one word, I would say TRUST. I would say that we are facing a company that is truly concerned with making sure its customers enjoy the best accounting and administrative practices. ADição CONTÁBIL has earned our CONFIDENCE and remains so for these 20 years that we are its customers. It has been of fundamental importance to guide us with the correct accounting and administrative procedures, being sure that they are excellent professionals. Congratulations Alexandre, Jamal and team!

Claudia Crego/Ramón Crego

CEO - Construtora Crego Painceira

Fast advice and a competent team

I have been a client of Adição for over 20 years, 15 with Mar Saúde. As a doctor, I highlight the administrative 'Health' of our Clinic thanks to the always confident and active advice from Adição. Always in a PREVENTIVE way, combining with Vaccination, which is our main mission. And, of course, my mental health, as I feel calm in being always within the current laws, following in real time the constant fiscal changes in that country. In addition to quick advice on legal and labor issues with an intelligent and up-to-date team. So, I keep my head totally focused on the medical affairs of the Clinic

Dra. Márcia Faria Rodrigues

CEO - Clínica Mar Saúde

Dedication and quality of services

In ten years of relationship with Adição Contábil, I can say that, dedication and quality in the services provided to customers are paramount.

Gugu Barbosa

CEO - Piccola Forneria

Serious, dedicated and professional work.

He takes care of our company with great commitment and dedication. Fully integrated team. Congratulations!

Samar Azanki

CEO - AudioVitta aparelhos auditivos

Competent and humanized

Think of a competent and humanized company? This is the Accounting Addition.

Alessandro Paes dos Reis

CEO - Value Experiências de Aprendizagem

Excellence in customer service

Friendship is a motivator for getting closer, but what keeps the customer is excellence in service, is professionalism. That's why we've been together for so long MD and ADDITION

Marcelo Duarte

CEO - MD Seguros e Turismo

Efficiency and commitment

I would like to thank everyone on the Adição Contábil team for their professionalism, efficiency and commitment to Termobrastec. Since the beginning of our partnership, they have sought improvements and innovations in our accounting management

Gustavo Ogata

CEO - Termobrastec

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