Departamento pessoal

We are responsible for all personal management of the company, we manage the admission and dismissal of employees, monthly payroll processing, vouchers, receipts, pay stubs, homologation, CAT, Vacations and calculations.

* Registration and maintenance of Employee Registration and employee registration in PIS (if it is 1st job);
* Registration in CTPS and preparation of experience contracts by CLT, interns and domestic;
* P Procedures for formalizing Admission and Dismissal; Filling in the Registration or FRE Book;
* Elaboration of Dependents' forms for IRRF, Salário Família;
* Elaboration of the Payroll of Salaries, Pro-Labore, Domestic and Autonomous with the issuance of a counter check;
* Management of partners' problems;
* Preparation of payment forms for social charges and related taxes: FGTS, GPS, DARF IRRF, DARF PREVIDENCIARIO, DAE, Union Guides, provisions, payroll budgets;
* Compliance with accessory obligations ESOCIAL / DCTFWEB / RAIS / DIRF;
* Installments of FGTS and INSS
* Maintenance and controls over the granting and payment of regular or collective vacation to employees;
* Elaboration of rescissions, GRFC issuance, Unemployment Insurance and other procedures related to the receipt of severance payments, as well as monitoring with the Ministry of Labor / Unions; (when necessary)
* Preparation of documents to request benefits from the INSS, CAT and RCS;
* Monitoring of Collective Agreements and Agreements.

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