The Accounting Department aims to prepare all Financial Statements in accordance with the Accounting Standards required by current legislation. These accounts are of paramount importance due to the legal requirement regarding decision making. It is the responsibility of the department of the entire accounting and financial record of its customers, examination of accounting facts in accordance with the company's documents and information, analyzing in general the equity situation.

* Conference and classification of the entire financial movement of the company;
* Accounting entries of suppliers, taxes, labor, charges, expenses and any other type of expense incurred by the company;
* Bank reconciliation and all accounting accounts;
* Preparation and checking of balance sheets and analytical reasons;
* Preparation of spreadsheets that make up the accounting balances;
* Control of fixed assets and their respective depreciation;
* Preparation of the Financial Statements: Balance Sheet, Statement of Income for the Year - DRE, Statement of Accumulated Profits and Losses - DLPA, Statement of Changes in Shareholders' Equity - DMPL, Statement of Cash Flow - DFC and Explanatory Notes;
* Guidance on the best form of federal taxation between the presumed profit and the real profit;
* Preparation of management reports and economic indexes;
* Calculation and issuance of payment forms for federal corporate income tax - IRPJ and Social Contribution on Net Income - CSLL of companies taxed by Real Income;
* Elaboration of the Real Profit Calculation Book - Lalur;
* Preparation of Accounting Books: Diary and Reason;
* Elaboration of the Members' Income Reports;
* Preparation of the Declaration of Information on Real Estate Activities - Dimob;
* Preparation of the Declaration of Medical and Health Services - Dmed;
* Preparation of the Declaration of Socioeconomic and Tax Information - Defis;
* Preparation of Tax Accounting Bookkeeping - ECF
* Preparation of Digital Accounting Bookkeeping - Sped Contábil;

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